retailer re‧tail‧er [ˈriːteɪlə ǁ -ər] noun [countable] COMMERCE
1. a business that sells goods to members of the public, rather than to shops etc:

• a national furniture retailer with 20,000 employees

ˌgeneral ˈretailer COMMERCE
a company that sells a wide variety of goods to the public
2. someone who owns or runs a shop selling goods to members of the public; = SHOPKEEPER

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retailer UK US /ˈriːteɪlər/ noun [C] COMMERCE
a company that sells goods to the public in stores and on the internet, rather than to stores, other businesses, etc.: »

Manufacturers and retailers are responding to growing consumer demand.


a big/large/major retailer

discount/local/online retailer »

You can find the radio tuners at big electronics chains and local retailers.


a clothing/electrical/food retailer


a high-street/independent retailer

someone who owns or manages a store or website that sells goods to the public: »

If a retailer wants to sell lots of a product then it is positioned on shelves at average eye level.

See also GENERAL RETAILER(Cf. ↑general retailer), SHOPKEEPER(Cf. ↑shopkeeper)
Compare WHOLESALER(Cf. ↑wholesaler)
See Note SELLER(Cf. ↑seller)

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